These Classic UK Replica Watches In The Films Brings People’s Memories

For those watches that are shown up in the movies, some for the script’s requirement, some for the sponsorship need, some belong to the main characters, so many watches and movies, which one has just accomplished another?

We all know the popular gold Rolex Day-Date watch, but do you know the origin of it? In the classic film Always Be Closing, for the bad sell in a real estate intermediary company, Boss started to censure the old staff, at that time, the main character Baldwin raised his replica Rolex watch and said, it is more expensive than your car. Since then, the gold fake Rolex Day-Date watches with the classic lines “People who really want to buy are not going to come in, you should go out, they take the money, waiting for you to earn” popular all over the world.

Almost everyone said that this scene is the most classic and black humor one of “Pulp Fiction”, Christopher Walken told Bristol Willis, how did he save the watch in the war, he put the gold watch on the ashamed place, in and this scene given all the audience a deep impression. A pocket watch, during three generations, and stayed in that ashamed place for 7 years. Hiding the watch on such ashamed place, that would also bring consequences: watch has stopped. If implanted any big watch brands, I’m afraid mo one would like.

In Source Code, Jake Gyllenhaal woke up in unknown body, when knowing that each time only the last eight minutes of time can experience another person’s life, Jake Gyllenhaal with the calculation and reminder of the watches, again and again collecting clues and evidence on the train. This helping watch that come from Victorinox, in addition to the countdown function, also can report to the police.

In the 007 film series, each one all with a kind of replica Omega watch. In “Skyfall”, the design dialogue about the steel case fake Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre is:

Bond: what can it do?

Q: It can tell you the time.

Later, it really has done so.

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